Practice what you preach…

        The brilliant chose his path – he did spread his wings and flew. Enjoying his freedom, following his little winged fellow. Someone says: “It’s called life”. Couldn’t have stated it more clearly… !
         She saw him passing by… Inevitably, hurt rushed over her heart, due to his missing words. Neither did she have the power to greet him. Even if she could, she chose not to shoot angry bullets his way; she could never put him down, despite her own bleeding wound. So she went silent. Nevertheless, at that very moment, the red diamond understood: “It’s time to practice what you preach!”.  Letting go is damn painful. Time will pass till she will emerge from this, till she will be completely cured. She gets over the decision, not the brilliant (will she ever? He will always have the utmost special place there!).

But she chooses to accept herself even more than before; she understands, once again, that happiness is inside and no one can provide it. She will put all her efforts in this! She wants to enjoy her own free time, take care of herself the best way she can, keep her shine and never talk with an extinguished voice again. Stand tall (yes, over again – as she’s had enough of dark times in the past). She wants to see the beautiful life ahead of her. She is independent! She shines, she smiles, she can take any obstacle and turn it into opportunity; into a chance to throw a different light over life. And so will she. Her focus will be on everything she enjoys; she will definitely value her space. And she’s got plenty now…

It is, once again, a new beginning. A new dawn will bring new hopes, new dreams, new unique moments. She needs to give in to that habit she made her mind up to follow: rising. There’s nothing holding her back now. She wants to dance in the middle of the street? She will. She wouldn’t give a damn on strangers’ look. She wants to walk a 100 miles instead of cursing, screaming or crying? She will. She wants to get stoned? Maybe…  Someday… Never say never! One thing is certain: she will follow and stay true to her healing passions! The whole time. She feels free when she builds. She will definitely grab that camera and shoot – she kept that hidden for too long. She can find joy in everything. So will she!  No more sorrow in her eyes. Just that amazing light that hypnotizes and spreads the good vibe. Starting this very instant!

She has, however, one last message for the brilliant:

        “THANK YOU! For teaching me patience and bringing up the ultimate selfless feelings in me. Go on and light up the sky!”

Credits:  Kesha – Learn To Learn Go –  Plus many more. Music is cure.

           To all of you: Rise every day, if you have to!



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