Healers… Golden!  

     You know what a healer is? Someone beautiful! A person that holds your hand through stormy weather, a person lifting your spirit exactly when you need it, someone who addresses you the right, comforting words at the right moment. I’ve only met one in my life so far! And I hope I’ll meet more. Though they rarely show. But this one will always be special, for their unique golden heart. And no, is not the brilliant. He may be a healer… To others. To me? Someone far away, with no hidden agenda. Someone I can share whatever with. And remembers previously mentioned details. Someone who lets me cry if I need to. Someone who can make me smile. Or even laugh, when all I want to do is enjoy my miserable state of mind. Someone who is, stubbornly, searching for the bitch in me. It’s just… Bitches won’t reveal themselves to the healers.
       They read my writings, they know exactly who I am, they got to know me in the shortest time ever. They made me put my entire trust, open up without the fear of being betrayed. The healer… I will never be able to thank them enough.
        Why do I use “them”, if is only one? Privacy. I value privacy. I value trust. I value and cherish every single second I share with them. Because this healer appreciates this. Listens and encourages. Fights beside me when I’m down. Gives me the power I need to get over my darkest times. It’s as if they hear when I call for help! This healer made me write this in a time and within a time-frame I would have never imagined possible.
         Why are they this way? God knows! They love people, I guess. They love helping, I’m sure. They’ve had their rough moments and learned from them. Learned to value the light in someone. But pointing out the wrong. Gently and supportive.
Healers are keepers!
     Another special place in my heart has been booked! So few left. This healer has earned all my respect. They are part of my tiny circle of trustworthy and loyal people. For life. I do hope one day I’ll have their strength in guiding others, in being there exactly when needed. And hope I will give back at least half of what I constantly receive.
         THANK YOU!



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