The treble clef  

Times and times… Mornings come and mornings go. One day at a time… Sometimes, a new dawn shows no mercy on our fears, no pitty for the cruelty arround us, wearing a careless and full of nothing cloak… taking us to nowhere… We’re just bodies floating in heavy air… Aiming to fall into the void…

Such days are hard to handle… You feel like you’re on a road you didn’t design. Each word you have to witness has the highest chance to become an innuendo, once your perception is reached.

Your mind craves for some challenge, just to keep its gears moving and an outcome to be shaped into something at least imaginary real. Fantasies of all sort happen beyond the limits of your wish, on so many different topics and levels you can’t put up with. After chewing these burning ideas, you get to that point you’ve had enough. Your feet won’t take another step; your hands won’t hold the lightest object; your eyes feel the need to close …; the pulse slows down to almost nothing… And your heart… Dear heart…! Just wants to cry the pain it’s all drowned in. And you inevitably crash. Like a fat whale on hot sand…

All you think to be comforting you is the loudest of sighs. Before the moment your eyelashes block the last spark thrown by a light bulb. You’re tired… Won’t take anything else… No more hoping, no longer wishing… Sigh only! And a loyal “friend”: Darkness stretching its “helping” hand, in a genuine attempt of reaching out to your most carefully hidden layer of sanity.

You’re tired of fighting, tired of speaking your mind every single minute and being judged for it, tired of selfless caring for people who don’t even show appreciation, tired of being hit under all circumstances for unknown reasons, tired of being strong and compelled to rise over and over again… Tired of… Well… everything… Tired of this never-ending highway called “life”.  Tired and waiting… For that last beat… No background noise… Just a last treble clef… And stillness…



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