Next day… The miracle of a smile…

    Some days you have the mood of “the treble clef”… Next day, you have to gather all your strength and rise again. That’s why I always say to never underestimate the power within. Always does its job! Always pushes you forward, always reaches out to your brain and re-links it to reality; always keeps you going when you think that was it. Cheers to that!

Cheers to everyone that can see and take advantage of it. Trust that inner force and you will always find a way out! Whenever you loose your faith in this, just let the feeling pass.The next day is always better… Things appear in a new light, music can – once again – cheer you up. (But be careful of what’s the rhythm you choose. As the mood can switch in an instant, happy music is the best. Uplifting rhythm, to go with your attempt of going out of the “clef mood”.)  Plus, find something to bring you joy: writing, walking, drawing, singing, taking in the smell of fresh-cut grass, running, talking to people, watching the rain, bathing in the sun… Learn something new… Someone once told me: “The creation process is incredible”. You know what? It really is! It’s relieving. So, create! Well, you got the point… Whatever recharges your batteries…

Put a smile on your face, don’t keep the sour one. You will see an immediate effect. Just smile and think “I want to have a happy mood”. Works! Maybe not since the beginning and not each and every single time, but with a bit of effort, can be achieved. Put your mind at work! Force it, if you have to. Smile as you walk, smile as you dance, smile as you talk, smile as you dream of better that is yet to come… Smile as you confront your daily obstacles, smile as you meet people, smile as your favorite music tunes into your headphones… SMILE! Your brain gets such amazing signals that returns good vibes! You will thank yourself!

A smile and good vibes are free and contagious! People around you will get that and will feel comfortable with you! So, choose to smile, to pass it on. This is the miracle of a smile. And that’s about the next day… Smile and face the upfront! Pick yourself up and keep going. If I can do it, YOU can do it! Remember: You’re strong!


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