When music talks

    When music talks, you should hold your breath and simply listen!  Music is the best healer ever! Guides your steps through the dark times, opens the door to a new beginning, gives you wings when you’re down, provides that special “Thanks” when you succeed and holds your hand when you want to fly.

It’s the ultimately loyal friend you will EVER meet! And it’s here to stay. FOREVER! Never gets tired to listen to you, while you listen to it, and to give your heart the proper pill; it’s always full-time or never-ending; never betraying, but expressing within acceptable limits.

Whether you love till it bleeds or want to scream your rage out, you will always find at least one song to comfort your mood. Whether is rock or jazz, dubstep or R&B, techno or classic, options are always wide open. Availability on long term, repeat mode till devices’s battery fades, great palette of more-or-less talented or promoted artists (upon your choice), always meeting or even exceeding your expectations, without having to ask for it… What more can you ask for from this amazing fellow?

As a music addict, I must acknowledge its  long term merits! Music always encourages me to follow my most daring dreams …

I know one thing: till the day I close my eyes, this friend will accompany my path, be it dark or shining trough it all!

“To the sky I rise/ Spread my wings and fly…” with my headphones on 🙂



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